Test primo 365 by doro


Welcome to the Primo product line Doro, the leading manufacturer of single-telephony phones. The Primo by Doro products are as reliable as the very popular Doro PhoneEasy mobile phones and offer just as many great features. Separately lying keys, a discreetly integrated emergency button with the unique function for conveniently switching during a call on speakerphone, and even a handy desk stand - all at a fantastic price-performance ratio. With the emergency button you can call in an emergency effortlessly predetermined numbers. Pressing the emergency button on the back of Primo 365 for 3 seconds, beep the alarm is not deactivated before (with possible false alarm) a SMS text message is sent to all phone numbers that are stored in the emergency number list of Primo 365th The second step is that the contacts are called one by one. This sequence is repeated three times until accepted a call or the red handset button is pressed.

Test primo 365 by doro

test primo 365 by doro


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