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Proceeds totalled 38,513 million euros (33,787 million in 2005, + %). EBITDA were 8,019 million euros (7,745 million in 2005, +%); net of an allocation of around 400 million euros for an operating excellence plan, EBITDA 2006 increased by % over 2005. EBIT were 5,819 million euros (5,538 million in 2005, +%). The Group’s net profits were 3,036 million euros (3,895 million in 2005, - %); net of the contribution by Wind and Terna , the Group’s net profits in 2006, increased by % over 2005. Net financial borrowing totalled 11,690 million euros (12,312 million at 31 December 2005, -%). The total dividend offered for the whole 2006 financial year was euros per share (of which euros per share was paid in advance in November 2006). [ citation needed ]

He is one of the most provocative, controversial rappers in contemporary music. His lyrics cover topics such as poverty and single parenthood, and they reflect a very difficuit adolescence. As a child, he and his mother had to move constantly, staying at relatives'homes in different places of the States. When Marshall was 12, his mother finally settled down on the east side of Detroit. In his songs Eminem often uses slang and frequently describes violent situations with angry words. His records have become a big success and Eminem has gained widespread popularity. Lose yourself, the soundtrack of his film 8 Mile, not only was to the top of the Billboard charts for 12 weeks in a row, making it the biggest pop hit so far in the new millennium, but it was also awarded an Oscar for the best original song in 2003.

Test fisica primo liceo

test fisica primo liceo


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