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"Moreover, buffering of intracellular Ca(2+) by use of N,N'-[1,2-ethanediylbis(oxy-2,1-phenylene)] bis [N-[25-[(acetyloxy) methoxy]-2-oxoethyl]]-, bis[(acetyloxy)methyl] ester (BAPTA/AM) eliminated inhibition of CCE by NO, indicating that the observed inhibitory effects are based on an intracellular, Ca(2+) dependent-regulatory process. 6. Our data demonstrate that NO effectively inhibits CCE cells by cGMP-independent suppression of mitochondrial function. We suggest disruption of local Ca(2+) handling by mitochondria as a key mechanism of NO induced suppression of CCE."

Anadrole is named after the compound – anadrol. Another immensely powerful bulking steroid that can bring about huge increases in weight. This rapid weight gain is due to the body adding muscle and water. Because it can cause the body to retain a considerable amount of fluid, it can leave a user looking more smooth compared to other ‘dry’ steroids. Anadrol is also thought to be more toxic than other steroids, hence how bodybuilders often prefer dianabol instead. Obviously,  anadrole will be much less toxic on the body and safe to use in comparison.

T-bol bodybuilding.com

t-bol bodybuilding.com


t-bol bodybuilding.comt-bol bodybuilding.comt-bol bodybuilding.comt-bol bodybuilding.comt-bol bodybuilding.com