Primobolan y la libido

For years the use of supplemental testosterone for women has almost been taboo; the hormone testosterone as an anabolic steroid carries so much negative light due to its label but when we understand the importance of the hormone that should begin to change; after all, should we really be afraid of what we were naturally intended to produce? Let’s be clear, very clear, too much testosterone for women can be quite damaging; as the dominate male hormone if a woman has too much testosterone she can and will more than likely begin to display strong male dominant traits. For this reason it is imperative you consult with your doctor before any possible needed therapy is undertaken.

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Steroids have great potential to help increase appearance of body and even level of performance in every human being. Not only men, but also women are highly benefited by using effective cycles of steroid usage. A number of female steroid helps to accentuate their menstrual cycle, pregnancy and even sex drive. However, increased intake of steroids may even lead to enormous side effects that can also posse as a threat. Therefore, it is always better to follow respective steroid cycles that is prescribed to suit the requirements of bodies of different human beings after consulting an efficient medical practitioner.

Primobolan y la libido

primobolan y la libido


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