Primobolan without pct

Fast-acting Primo?
Schering did used to make a fast-acting primo, that is, the Methenolone Acetate version as an injectable. However this was 20mg/ml and is no longer made. Some underground labs, particularly in the US have recently been making injectable methenolone acetate. However beware, as there is a reason that it was originally made at 20mg/ml; anything from 50mg/ml and above of this product will cause severe injection site pain following injection, and furthermore pretty much everyone I have read of who has tried this form of Primo at such concentrations will get flu like symptoms after every shot for a day or so. Thus the reason why methenolone acetate is not marketed by any major underground labs.

First I appreciate your comforting and knowledgable input. The primo I have was bought from Turkish pharmacies away from touristic sites. I'm from Egypt (AAS available over the counter) and frequently fly to Turkey so Im pretty sure they are legit. Im sticking with Primo as it is probably the mildest steroid out there with the least androgenic effects especially that I'm a low dose believer and would like to experience how doses affect my body without adding too much different substances as we are all differently responsive to substances. Slower / longer gains is actually what I am looking for.

Primobolan without pct

primobolan without pct


primobolan without pctprimobolan without pctprimobolan without pctprimobolan without pctprimobolan without pct