Primo tablets cycle

Solar Generator? The Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 400 Portable Power Station is an excellent introduction to Goal Zero's new and popular lithium line of portable power stations (. solar generators). Like traditional gasoline powered generators that supply backup power to many devices, appliances, RVs or homes, But they are loud, smell and can be quite large and expensive. Whereas the Goal Zero Yeti 400 solar generator is quiet, clean, odorless, small and can power a variety of smaller devices.

What does it do? Like any other portable charger, it charges up your gadgets--cameras, phones, tablets, laptops, lights, etc. But unlike a lot of chargers, the Yeti Goal Zero 400 is big enough to charge many times (see chart below) without being recharged itself. To recharge it, you can plug the Yeti into a standard AC outlet or when on the go, plug in some solar panels. Goal zero has some excellent small portable panels (to be posted here soon), or with an adaptor kit, you can even more powerful 12V solar panels from us!

Lithium. Goal Zero's Yeti Lithium product line is their latest solar generator technology, leveraging lithium batteries vs traditional sealed AGM lead acid batteries. Lithium provides deeper discharging, more cycle times and lighter weight. All very useful features in a portable power product line!

Additional info. The Goal Zero Yeti 400 solar generator uses a volt amp hour lithium NMC battery for a total capacity of 428 watt hours. It outputs 120W DC (via USB and 6mm port) and modified sine wave AC via an 300W (continuous/1200W surge) DC to AC inverter. See the user manual below for more information about compatible solar panels, charge times, and more. At only 8" x 11" x 7" this is a very handy, yet small solar generator.

Now Goal Zero Ships Free! Take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING special on all Goal Zero portable solar components (except Boulder solar panels), chargers and generators!

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Primo tablets cycle

primo tablets cycle


primo tablets cycleprimo tablets cycleprimo tablets cycleprimo tablets cycleprimo tablets cycle