Primo flavorstation-100 soda machine

Why Primo Flavorstation?
It’s the smarter choice. Making your own sparkling beverages at home will save you time, money and is much more convenient than buying cases of soda that may end up being poured down the drain. Serve your family fresh, delicious sparkling beverages with the Flavorstation Liberty 120.
It’s the healthier choice. Primo Sparkling Beverage Mixes are made with 100% natural flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. You have the power to control the flavor intensity of every drink-that’s something you can’t do with cans of soda. It’s earth-friendly. Each year, over 30 billion bevera

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The 110 is a much more substantial machine than the 100. All the faults I found with the 100 have been corrected by the 110. It is too bad that Primo decided to bail on the soda market because the 110 is a great machine. By contrast, the 100 is a poopy machine. If you aren't sure which model you are looking at - look for the distinguishing features: the bayonet vs screw mounting for the bottle, the adapter CO2 mount vs directly screwing in the bottle. Also, the 100 has a red panel on its top side and the 110 is all gray. I have seen the 110 locally for $30 new. Primo is definitely bailing by dumping their stock.

Primo flavorstation-100 soda machine

primo flavorstation-100 soda machine


primo flavorstation-100 soda machineprimo flavorstation-100 soda machineprimo flavorstation-100 soda machineprimo flavorstation-100 soda machineprimo flavorstation-100 soda machine