Masten resilience

In times like these, the executives who run Nokia talk up a uniquely Finnish quality called sisu . "The translation would be 'guts,' " says Jorma Ollila, CEO of Nokia, in an interview. (Photograph Caption: Jorma Ollila says Nokia is determined to 'overcome all obstacles.') "But it's also endurance. There is a long-term element to it. You overcome all obstacles. You need quite a lot of sisu to survive in this climate." The climate he's referring to is the bleak and bitter Nordic winters, but he might as well be talking about the competitive, erratic wireless-phone market and Nokia's travails. This sisu trait—anathema to Wall Street 's short-term outlook—says a lot about Nokia's response to its recent turmoil.

Despite the knowledge of resilience and its adversities, this topic have been long neglected in the context of research due to the vast horizons it possess and in this way, we do not know on which grounds we stand as a country in making the children resilient. Pakistan, being a monsoon country, is high risk for floods and Pakistan had a major flood in 2010, still no researches are being done on the grounds of resilience to find out how the adversities are affecting the children. If they are resilient, what factors in Pakistani kids is helping them to be resilient and what role do the adversities play on the micro level and on the macro level in building the personalities of the children.

Masten resilience

masten resilience


masten resiliencemasten resiliencemasten resiliencemasten resiliencemasten resilience