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Peachy Canyon is among the best-known Zinfandel producers south of Sonoma. Founded back in 1988, it is still run by the Beckett family, who have a few new neighbors these days—the winery is in the midst of the 46 West association of wineries loosely grouped around Highway 46, southwest of town. The tasting room is in the charming, repurposed 1886 Old Bethel Schoolhouse, where $10 gets you samples of the Zins plus other small-batch Rhône and Bordeaux-style wines. The Canyon Inn, a two-room guesthouse, is perched high on the property.

Although Porsche in Austria pioneered the sequentially shifting gearbox for racing cars in Model 360 Cisitalia , the idea was relatively new and the original transaxle in Lotus 12 , which was essentially an enlarged motorcycle gearbox combined with ZF limited slip differential, had gained the nickname 'Queer Box', or "Gearbox-full of neutrals" for its poor reliability. With Duckworth having left to form Cosworth in 1958, Mike Costin , who, despite being the co-founder of Cosworth , remained with Lotus for a while longer, adopted the improved Queer Box in Lotus 16 into a configuration for directly mounting it behind the engine for Lotus 18 with dedicated oil scavenge and pressure feed pumps, further improving its reliability while retaining the small and light design.

BIS hosts the 15th Reinventing Space Conference on October 24-26 in Glasgow, Scotland, highlighting trends that will define space enterprise a decade from now. The diverse program covers novel applications where improvements in space technology increase commercial viability, such as space tugs, space tourism, satellite refueling, debris removal, debris exploitation, manufacturing in orbit, real-time video from space, space mining, etc. Confirmed keynote speakers include Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at University of Texas at Austin Moriba Jah, ‎Lead of Satellite Communications at Innovate UK Maria Kalama, Vice President of Space Systems at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Wallis Laughrey, Vice President for Global Engagement at Planetary Resources Peter Marquez, Director at Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications Malcolm Macdonald, President of International Institute of Space Law Kai-Uwe Schrogl, and VP Strategy and Business Development for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Kay Sears. The concluding conference dinner Thursday Oct 26 at Glasgow City Chambers on George Square celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur C Clarke. On Saturday Oct 28 the 4th BIS Belgium Annual Space Symposium opens in Ghent, Belgium at the Armand Pien Observatory. Lieven Roesems presents on Blue Origin, Bart Hendrickx provides a Planetary Exploration Update, Elizaveta Orlova offers an Extraterrestrial Life Challenge, and Philip Corneille overviews Spacefarers’ Wristwatches 1961-2021. (Image Credit: BIS) Oct 23 — Chang’e-5T1 Service Module , Lunar Orbit : China module collecting data on Lunar surface for future Moon missions reaches 3 full years in Space today, launched 2014.

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