Mast prop gains

Day 66
8th day under weigh from Saint Lucia.
28th day under weigh from Tenerife.
38th day under weigh from Les Sables d'Olonne.
March 30, 2017
12:00 UTC/ 07:00 local

1,000 miles WSW of Saint Lucia
150 miles E of Colon
5,936 miles logged

Thankfully, the strong wind that was promised by yesterday's sky never materialized. We had an extremely pleasant day sailing in near perfect conditions. The forecast has the wind dropping off today and us finishing this leg under power.
We're still sailing this morning, so we'll just hope for the best.

The crew are all in good spirits and Samsara is in great shape. Smitty can't go past a port without trying to persuade me to stop in for a few days. Aruba, Santa Marta, Saint Bias... He's convinced that the answers to all of our life's problems lie waiting for us at the next nearest marina. He should be happy in Shelter Bay. Supposedly, they have a swimming pool.

Dinger is looking forward to some finding some fresh Cuban cigars, but I'm half-way hoping he doesn't. They are a huge temptation to me which would be fine, except I tend to have only two modes: complete abstinence or chimney smoke. I've never been much for moderation.

We have a few small projects to keep us occupied once we get in: The automatic bilge pump float switch is stuck and needs to be cleaned. We probably need to replace the generator impeller again. The engine blower is producing a new vibration which needs to be chased down and repaired. There's lots of cleaning to be done and we need a few nights of solid sack time before the next leg - one thousand miles to Chiapas on the southern boarder of Mexico.

I'm really looking forward to the canal transit. It's my first time even after all these years of boat deliveries. Many times before I've come close to a canal trip, but for one reason or another, they just never came off.
I suspect that the maneuvering required in the big current is going to demand my undivided attention, but I hope that there will be at least some few small moments available to capture an interesting image or two.

We received word from an associate who has transited the canal on a sailboat fairly recently, that the horrors of Colon are overstated as usual and a little common sense and courtesy will be all it takes to keep us out of harm's way - during the day. Nights will be spent in the marina, no doubt.

Nothing much else to report today.
Our crew sends our best wishes and hopes that all is well in your part of the world.
Until later...

Engine and electrical power :
Volvo penta 2003 28 HP 3 cylender diesel engine in very good condition. Many new parts (2013 or 2014) : water pump, thermostat, primary diesel pump, proppeler shaft in aqualoyd, 4 motor mounts, flex coopling, most of water and diesel hoses, PSS dripless, soundproof engine compartement, reconditioned 2 blade propeller, line cutter, 130 l diesel tank cleaned by steam in 2014. New deep cycle batteries, 2 banks : four 6V batteries, one 12V battery. New generation charger (2013). Xantrex 1750 Inverter. 310 watt solar panel and second gnration MPPT charger and Te-Meter screen controller (2014). 55 amp alternator. Self sufficient power generation boat.

Mast prop gains

mast prop gains


mast prop gainsmast prop gainsmast prop gainsmast prop gainsmast prop gains