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Phoenix was launched on August 4, 2007, at 5:26:34 . EDT (09:26:34 UTC ) on a Delta 7925 launch vehicle from Pad 17-A of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station . The launch was nominal with no significant anomalies. The Phoenix lander was placed on a trajectory of such precision that its first trajectory course correction burn, performed on August 10, 2007 at 7:30 . EDT (11:30 UTC), was only 18 m/s. The launch took place during a launch window extending from August 3, 2007 to August 24, 2007. Due to the small launch window the rescheduled launch of the Dawn mission (originally planned for July 7) had to stand down and was launched after Phoenix in September. The Delta 7925 was chosen due to its successful launch history, which includes launches of the Spirit and Opportunity Mars Exploration Rovers in 2003 and Mars Pathfinder in 1996. [28]

I found some good references for the HACS in the end - with radar and the later style cover rather than the folding pram lid. They were easily made from plastic rod, thin strip and some brass wire. The 8 barrel pom poms were a different matter. The first photo shows the Airfix 1:1200 block representation from the HMS Hood model in the middle and, for comparison, the Airfix 1:600 from the KGV kit is on the left. My first attempt didn't look right and several other goes to individually place the barrels were just far too fiddly (8 pieces of mm dia wire, and mm long to arrange on a wide piece of plasticard).

Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold!
1946 Globe Swift GC-1B N3292K sn 1285
2011 Swift Nationals award-winning Swift 2990 TTAF features a low-time (100+ hrs)
Lycoming O-360 engine and low-time Hartzell prop, JPI's EDM 700 engine analysis with fuel totalizer, new PS Engineering audio panel, a Garmin 430, up-to-date IFR certification, new vacuum pump in 2010, small wheel + P-51 gear door mod, sticks, stearable tailwheel, new electrical wiring, stock wing tips, closed slots, 9 gal. aux. tank, gross weight increase mod (rear battery - 1970 lbs.), single-axis autopilot, dual brake mod., Cessna 150 sets, 5-point harnesses, Clevelands, M-20 air-oil separator, spin-on oil filer mod., heavy duty single piece windshield STC, and a Feb. 2011 annual. Complete mod and AD records. Excellent, fast Swift. Always hangared
(Feb 2012)(Sold March 2012)

Mast prop ace

mast prop ace


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