Mast philadelphia

K1 Kim Volz
K2 Angela Valentino
K3 Kerri Ward
K4 Cecelia Zapiec
101 Lauren Gerber
102 Brigid Finn
103 Lauren Martin
201 Jenna Mattox
202 Danielle Dolton
203 Tricia Halligan
204 Nancy Beilman
301 Lisa Seiber
302 Katie O’Connor
303 Diana Reading
304 Theresa Logue
SAIL I Brittany Ainsley
Art/Makerspace Kate Houser
Technology Emily Koerner
Music – Joy Yoo
PE – Ricky Mason

Mast cell tumors are an uncommon occurrence in horses . They usually occur as benign, solitary masses on the skin of the head, neck, trunk, and legs. Mineralization of the tumor is common. [27] In pigs and cattle , mast cell tumors are rare. They tend to be solitary and benign in pigs and multiple and malignant in cattle. [4] Mast cell tumors are found in the skin of cattle most commonly, but these may be metastases from tumors of the viscera . [28] Other sites in cattle include the spleen, muscle, gastrointestinal tract, omentum , and uterus. [29]

Mast philadelphia

mast philadelphia


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