Lean cycle workout

The third and final phase of the program is the performance phase which focuses on building endurance and increasing levels of performance. It lasts from 3-4 weeks and is also known as the “money” phase of the program. It is the most intense phase of the entire program and utilizes PAP or Post Activation Potentiation.
Day 1: Lower: The strength you’ve gained during the first two phases of the program come to work here. The workouts are done in two different four-round movement cycles that have tested even the fittest athletes.
Day 2: Upper: Moves the . action to the upper body and leaves you feeling loose and springy after an intense workout.
Day 3: X2 Yoga
Day 4: Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 5: . Lower
Day 6: . Upper
Day 7: Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility
Recovery is another portion of the program that you decide when to do during the program. It should be done when you feel it is in order and is not limited to a specific time-frame.

In order to better understand my training, here is the detail of a typical day:
5:00 am----------1 cup of Dymatize Elite Whey (with water) + 1 cup of oatmeal with milk + 1 caps of Dymaburn + 1 caps of Fish oil + 1 caps vitamin C 500mg + 1 caps vitamen E 400mg.
5:50 am----------14km bicycle ride to the gym (35min, avg. of 140bpm)
6:30 am----------50min Workout + 2 cups of Dymatize Elite Whey (with water) right after
9:00 am----------1 cup of oatmeal with milk
12:00 am-------- White rice with meat or noodles with meat + 1 egg always + 1 yogurt
4:00 pm---------- Glass of soy milk
6:00 pm----------16km bicycle ride back home (35 to 40min avg. of 150bpm)
8:00 pm---------- White rice or noodles with meat (always as I leave in Asia)
9:30 pm---------- Bed time (avg. of 7h sleep/night)

Weight           132kg/291lbs               110kg/
Abdomen       1420mm/         1230mm/
Arm             370mm/         360mm/
Leg             800mm/         650mm/
Waist           1170mm/46inches           1020mm/40inches
Chest           1360mm/         1260mm/
Neck             470mm/         420mm/

Lean cycle workout

lean cycle workout


lean cycle workoutlean cycle workoutlean cycle workoutlean cycle workoutlean cycle workout