Dianabol pastillas

on blister indicate the number of production licenses and a trademark of the manufacturer, in Russian indicate the name of the drug, dosage form, dosage, lot number, production date, shelf life «in bulk».
The label on the box and the boxes indicate the number of production licenses and trade the manufacturer’s mark on the Russian and English languages indicate the manufacturer, address, country, name of the drug, dosage form, dosage, name and content of active substances in one tablet, storage conditions, batch number, production date, shelf life, ” just for packaging “, the number of tablets in a blister, the number of blisters. When packing at CJSC “Skopinsky pharmaceutical plant” and CJSC “MAKIZ PHARMA”, Russian.
On the pack and the label for packaging in Russian indicate pre-acceptance of the manufacturer, his trademark, country, name of the company in charge of the packaging, its trade sign, address, phone / fax, the owner of the registration certificate, his trademark, address, phone / fax number, drug name, dosage form, dosage, name and content of active substances in one tablet, the number of tablets in the package, the storage conditions, “Apply for doctor’s prescription “,” Keep out of the reach of children “, the batch number, manufacturing date (corresponding to« in bulk »the date of manufacture of the drug), the expiry date. On the bundle further indicate dispensing conditions, method of application, registration number, pharmacotherapy-matic group, a bar code, “Contains lactose monohydrate.” In the group the package label indicates the number of additional packages.

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Dianabol pastillas

dianabol pastillas


dianabol pastillasdianabol pastillasdianabol pastillasdianabol pastillasdianabol pastillas