Seven Iraqi families living in Belgium who lost loved ones in the attack launched a lawsuit against former President George H. W. Bush , former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney , former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell , and General Norman Schwarzkopf for committing what they claim are war crimes in the 1991 bombing. The suit was brought under Belgium 's universal jurisdiction guarantees in March 2003, but was dismissed in September following their restriction to Belgian nationals and residents in August 2003. [12]

Just 15 stories into the construction of the Norman Foster-designed Harmon Hotel, inspectors found that rebar wasn't installed properly, putting the future of the planned 47-story residential high-rise, part of the $8 billion, 67-acre CityCenter complex, in jeopardy. The 2008 discovery led MGM Resorts to plan to cap the building at around 25 floors. But engineers said even that wouldn't be enough to keep the building from falling in a major earthquake. Instead the planned hotel sat vacant, with the blue-green glass exterior creating a hollow shell and massive billboard backing, until crews—after the lengthy legal dispute—started dismantling the structure piece-by-piece in 2014.