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Dear Dr Olukoya, I thank Jehovah God through his precious son Jesus Christ for the Ministry of Mountain of Fire. Your family, your life and all the ministers worldwide for Mountain of Fire Ministries. I pray God for his Empowerment over your life in Jesus mighty name. Jehovah God would continue to protect you and your family, the ministry and all the congregation/members of MFM world wide in Jesus mighty name. Your sermons are awesome it brings the smile to a person’s face. It empowers a person to be aware of their surroundings it brings a person to have a good intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ . I give my father who is in Heaven Jehovah God through his son Jesus all the glory and honour for your life, the ministry, and using you to lead many to his Kingdom through Jesus Christ. Blessed be His Holy Name!

Matthew R. Anderson
Jimmy W. Arnold*
Randan L. Ashmore*
J. Brian Baker*
Fred E. Beall Sr.* ^
Thomas D. Blaney*
Henry T. Bradford III*
Hans A. Burg*
Melanie W. Burns*
John Camba
Daniel J. Carlon*
Randall A. Coggins*
Darlene Davis*
David K. Fagundes* ^
William E. Gandy*
Daniel Garabadian
Pinkney Gilchrist*
Richard E. Golden Jr.*
Nicholas A. Golubow*
Joel D. Greenhill*
Timothy A. Grubb*
John Haycock*
Wm. Frank Kimbrough*
Les H. Kravitz*
Christopher Lea*
Robert J. Loushine*
Waheed A. Malik*
Annika Marschall*
Thomas A. Masters*
Donald B. McGinty*
Robert J. Michelich^*
Dale A. Miles*
Derek V. Miles*
Randall W. Miller*
Samuel J. Mumpower
W. Joel Newsom III
David W. Norrington*
H. Edward Paris*
Ross A. Rickoff
Steven Roberts*
Carol S. Rohde*
Timothy R. Rohde* ^
Rahul Saraf*
James F. Schopler*
Helen N. Sempira*
Bhavik P. Shah*
Richard S. Shapiro*
Bradford P. Smith* ^
Andy W. Suresh*
Franklin R. Tay*
Jeffery E. Turner*
Aurelia Vanderburg*
John D. Welch*
J. Kenneth Weldon Jr.*
Jon Willison

Debola daniel foundation

debola daniel foundation


debola daniel foundationdebola daniel foundationdebola daniel foundationdebola daniel foundationdebola daniel foundation