Abolish department of education

I’m afraid this is a poorly argued article. The author is clearly emotive about the topic and this affects her/his ability to adequately and objectively write on the topic. I do think there are issues with the government’s approach to consultants and bigger issues with how their legislation is interpreted and implemented, with even huge government departments erring heavily on the side of risk averse at the expense of good outcomes as a whole. However, there are also issues with the contracting market that do legitimally need to be addressed and this article is only one sided. I’d appreciate a less emotive, logically argued piece so that contractors, companies, and decision makers could feel more informed and empowered to act. That way we can all hope for a better future vs. just listening to a whine.

African slaves were not bought or sold in London but were brought by masters from other areas. Together with people from other nations, especially non-Christian, Africans were considered foreigners, not able to be English subjects. At the time, England had no naturalization procedure. The African slaves' legal status was unclear until 1772 and Somersett's Case , when the fugitive slave James Somersett forced a decision by the courts. Somersett had escaped, and his master, Charles Steuart, had him captured and imprisoned on board a ship, intending to ship him to Jamaica to be resold into slavery. While in London, Somersett had been baptized ; three godparents issued a writ of habeas corpus . As a result, Lord Mansfield , Chief Justice of the Court of the King's Bench , had to judge whether Somersett's abduction was lawful or not under English Common Law . No legislation had ever been passed to establish slavery in England. The case received national attention, and five advocates supported the action on behalf of Somersett.

Abolish department of education

abolish department of education


abolish department of educationabolish department of educationabolish department of educationabolish department of educationabolish department of education